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About Sheepnet.net


The main goal of creating SheepNet platform is to unite the resources, knowledge, business and institutions, which are involved in sheep breeding, farming and production of sheep related goods.

The main purpose of the network is to gather, summarize and systematize information about  the branch together with the partner countries.   Part of this module will be the integration of GIS web based platform ( using Inspire Legislation ).

The platform goal is to provide up to date information about the usage of the production, quality classifier of the different breeds, quality classifiers of the raw materials.  The integrated Interactive will show the distribution, spices and population of the sheep breeds based on region, price of live stock and raw material, climate and etc.   The platform will provide the ability for experts, media, business’ owners, breeders and scientists to distribute news, ideas, research, useful information and job or educational opportunities.  Goal of the project is to become a global opinion leader who will be quoted and used as valid and reliable source of information in the sheep breeding branch.

The portal will stimulate individuals, businesses and organization to create their profile in the platform with the purpose to create local and European branch catalog and community.  The platform and the information will be public, except in cases where the copyrights owners stated otherwise. On the platform will be curated local and global news related to the branch.  The platform will provide a catalog of laws, standards, documents, forms and other important documentation; coverage of European, national, regional and global policies.